Healthy Vending Machines

Here at Connect Vending, we realise the need for healthy products first hand, being proud suppliers for various public and private hospitals throughout the UK. We supply various ranges of healthy snacks that are NHS compliant and a healthier alternative to the everyday confectionary items.

It is widely known the NHS has to contend with the consequences and huge financial impact of obesity and tooth decay in the UK today. Sugary drinks, in particular, are a disproportionately large contributing factor to the issue of health and wellbeing in the general public and workplace (including NHS staff themselves). Connect Vending understands the CQUIN health and wellbeing initiative and respects its efforts to help support a healthier community. Connect Vending stands ready to implement a disciplined and focused strategy to dramatically reduce the consumption of sugary drinks through a combination of replacement (with healthier alternatives) and disincentive (through differentiated pricing). At the time of writing Connect Vending’s standard product range is already 88% CQUIN compliant. It is straightforward to supplement this range with additional healthy alternatives to ensure 100% compliance.

Alongside our new relationship with Health Magazine, we have been working hard in complying with the new sugar tax. Our healthy food vending machines are constantly reviewed offering the latest in flavoured drinks, flapjacks, oil-free crisps. You can read the full publication by Health Magazine here