Contactless & Cashless Vending Machines

Cashless payment systems for vending machines are the future in terms of where the vending machine industry is heading. There are now more contactless cards than people in circulation. If that wasn’t evidence enough, further legislation in the retail sector has become a driving force behind usage of contactless payments. This of course presents challenges to occupants of the UK automatic vending and coffee industry whom often employ a fleet of existing equipment in the market.

We are becoming a cashless society, but what is the future of payment systems? What relevance does this have to the UK vending industry?

Contactless technology for vending machines

We at Connect Vending have always delved into what the latest technology has to offer within our industry and what benefits our clients the most. After a few years of intensive research and development on our machines, we now offer a variety of our vending machines with card readers. What’s more is that these card readers can also be retrofitted to existing machines even if you are not one of our existing clients.

Cashless Vending Solutions

Nowadays, cash is no longer king when it comes to available payment methods that can be used to make purchases from vending machines. In a society where cash; specifically coins are being carried less frequently, not having any change can be a real pain. That is why contactless payments are such an easy way to get drinks and food from vending machines. Many of us have been in that very situation. All of the latest machines will offer use of Apple Pay and Android Pay, all you need to have is your phone, or just your credit/debit card.

Whether you have a few machines spread around the building, or a suite offering full service vending, letting consumers take advantage of cashless vending systems means that they’ll be inclined to make more purchases! It’s simply human nature, but the easier something is, the more often people will do it. This has also been confirmed by our own research at clients’ sites. Check out all the sectors in which we work in to see what we can offer you.

As a leading UK vending machines business, Connect Vending is the place you need to be to get the best vending services in the UK. We have an entire range of vending machines, including hot drinks vending machines, cold drinks vending machines, snacks vending machines and many more.

No matter which vending machine service you choose to take with Connect Vending, we offer fully managed vending machines services to all of our prospective clients. Contact our team today to find out how you can get contactless vending machines.