What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

Posted in: Industry News | by: Olid Uddin

Want to know what your morning cuppa Coffee says about your personality?

According to a study conducted by psychologist, Dr. Ramani Duvarsula, how you take your coffee speaks volumes about the way in which you perceive yourself and interact with the outside world. Though this study was only carried out on 1,000 participants which leaves me feeling slightly sceptical of the findings, they make for a fun, interesting read for coffee drinkers from all walks of life.


Black coffee drinkers are best described, as rigid purists who tend to like keeping things simple, much like their choice of coffee. Conversely, they are highly imaginative and resourceful, patient and efficient, albeit abrupt and dismissive.


Latte drinkers are ‘yes’ people. These individuals are best classified as generous, comfort seekers who are happy to go out their way to help others. Although this can mean they often get over-extended as they are keen to attend to everyone’s needs. These coffee fans like to soften the bitterness of coffee, which can be reflected in their everyday life.


To some extent these types of coffee drinkers are traditional. In others they are laid back, procrastinators who tend to take life as it comes without getting too lost in the nitty gritty details. The downfalls of this is that they may be too laid back which can affect their organisational skills and lead them to put certain things off such basic health issues.


The hot, hip and happening of humankind prefer frozen or blended coffee drinks. These ‘it’ individuals of social society are socially courageous, imaginative and are not afraid to act spontaneously or set the latest trends, whether it be in ice-cold drinks or in other walks of life. The downside to this type of personality is that they often make irrational, unhealthy choices, which can be both reckless and childlike.


This breed of coffee drinkers are considered controlling, logical beings who always play by the rules. Perfectionists by nature they have a slight obsession with health and their personal image

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