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Our Difference

Personal Touch

Everyone deserves individual attention – it’s not a need but a requirement. We work closely with you to ensure that you needs get personal care and attention. To make you feel extra special, you will be assigned to one of our friendly account managers. This means that you will have your very own personal point of contact. Never feel like your contacting a stranger. Your account manager will keep in close contact with you and hold regular onsite check ups at your convenience. He/ she will keep you involved on any new product and industry developments as well as, be able to offer swift support for any queries or concerns you may have. Whatever assistance you may require, they are always available to provide effective, proactive solutions.

We take Relationships Seriously

The only thing old fashioned about us is our values. Consistent commitment isn’t something that comes easily, that’s why we make it our priority. We want you to relax, knowing that you are in good hands and supported by a strong, knowledgeable team who takes your requests seriously.

We realise that many of us have had dissatisfying experiences with vending. From machine malfunctions, stale food, to the dreaded ‘out of stock sign’ which always so happens to be your favorite brand. Let’s not forget to mention when reporting a vending issue of concern, you only receive unsympathetic, half-hearted service …what the snack is up with that?

Well you won’t find that at Connect Vending. We have invested in comprehensive reporting systems to control and monitor all elements of your vending service.

This integrated vending management system helps us assist with stock control, provides accurate invoicing and cash reporting and ensures that if a mechanical issue does arise our team responds to it quickly and efficiently. Fleetmatics, our vehicle tracking system helps us to be efficient, encourages safe driving, reduces fuel consumption and improves engineer response time.

Taste Not Waste

We would have many sleepless nights (not from drinking too much of our coffee) if we weren’t committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

We believe that all that we do now, will have a major influence on generations to come and that’s why we are on a quest to become a truly sustainable business. We not only want to provide you with fresh, delicious, healthier food and beverages but also have peace of mind knowing we take full responsibility for the impact our business on society and the environment.

Everything we do from our fully recyclable paper cups, machines AAA ratings and the procedures we take to ensure ethical product sourcing is part of our social and environmental mission.

For us it’s all about creating the minimum impact on our environment and on ourselves. Being sustainably mindful is embedded in our hearts. Learn more about how we are finding ways to be kinder to the environment and our community here.

What’s New?

We are always on the hunt to find new, innovative machines, healthier food and beverage options as well as, sustainable and environmental friendly procedures and solutions.

In our Connect test kitchen you will always find tasting, testing and trying the latest products, machines and brands.

As we are an independent supplier, new concepts and brands are always being explored and installed, so if you have any special requirements or products you would like to try out – we are always willing to help you make it happen. We want you to have all your favorites and introduce ‘guest lines’ regularly, satisfying your ‘new’ hunger.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic that delights in clean treats or a sales manager that enjoys an aromatic, full-bodied bean to cup cappuccino in the mornings, we offer hundreds of different product choices – so there is definitely something to suit everyone’s taste palate.

AM to PM Service

Regular cleaning, hygiene management and proper care eliminates most machine problems and potential breakdowns. We ensure that thorough electro-mechanical checks on your machines are carried out by one of our trained and qualified engineers. Operating staff benefit from ongoing training as well as have essential core skills in cash handling, stock control and are knowledgeable about hygienic working practices, security, food additives, allergens and even the nutritional value of your products.

Our operators will attend site visits according to your request or vend volume per machine. If one of your machines does decide to give you a little trouble, don’t worry, we will log and prioritise your request. Our engineers resolve more than 90% of problems on their first visit but we will attempt to fix any problems that day. Parts that are not in stock are normally with us within 24 hours.

Forward Thinking Solutions

Unlike other competitors that supply extremely broad and extensive product lines, we concentrate on a select number of vending machine manufactures. This specific product range ensures that only the best manufactures with the latest technologies are selected.

This forward thinking strategic focus enables us to bring an extensive level of attention to excellence, promising that you will receive premium quality every time.

…Food and beverage service technology at it’s finest.

Connect Together

“Success is built on our beliefs.”

The Connect Together philosophy is at the very heart of the management team here at Connect Vending. It provides a guiding set of principles for the way we work and interact with each other – and through that – the way we serve our customers.

The central focus of all we do is to achieve success. Success as measured by our customers’ satisfaction with the service we provide, as measured by our staff’s sense of fulfilment in their jobs, as measured by the commercial progress of our business and as measured by the fun we share as we make that progress.

To achieve success use two guiding management tools; Process mapping and Moments of Truth. These sound boring but it is here that we fundamentally differ from other vending businesses.

Our process map is literally a complete diagram of every process we undertake in the business (there are 54, of which 22 are shared by more than one department). Every one of these processes has a set of working instructions that detail exactly how the process should be carried out so we can replicate best practise each and every time.

The Moments of Truth arise when a customer interacts with any of our processes. It is then that the real truth about our service offering is revealed – it is then that our customer will be judging us! We have 31 of our processes with the potential for customer interaction and we have a “never ending” process of working our way through them all – re working and refining so we can offer the very best service to our customers.

The 4 cornerstones of our management commitment to each other (what we call Our Alliance) are Respect, Commitment, Collaboration and Trust. We aim to demonstrate these values in all we do together. And “oiling the wheels” of the whole process is good communication both within our business and out to our customers, suppliers and market place.

That is Connect Together – a simple phrase, a profound philosophy and a lifetime of work.

Partnerships : Parcel Holders

For us, it is important to improve customer response times, provide a friendly hassle free service, significantly reduce our CO2 emissions and ensure that if a machine needs a spare part, it is installed within the quickest lead time. That’s why we have teamed up with nationwide Pick up Drop off (PUDO) UK company, Parcel Holders.
This unique service works by having consignments sent to shops located near our engineers homes. The service isn’t tied in with any particular carrier and when the consignment arrives the shop staff sign the proof of delivery requested by the delivery company.The Parcel Holders system then automatically texts and/or emails our field service engineer a pickup pin and informs them that the parts are ready for collection.
The benefits offered through partnering with Parcel Holders:
  • We can reduce the parts inventory at our Oxford base office
  • Our field engineers no longer need to travel back to our Oxford base to collect machine spare parts
  • It is much faster than any other system at the moment
  • Our field engineers get the machine part they need the next day, which means we are able to get machines repaired much sooner
  • We are able to communicate with our customers with confidence when machines will be fixed
  • Within a year, we forecast to save over 3,600 litres of fuel
  • We forecast our CO2 emissions will reduce by 10 metric tonnes p.a.
So far, teaming up with Parcel Holders is the best efficiency measure we have ever taken in our service department.


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