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Hi and welcome to Connect Vending! We’re here to provide every business and industry with top-class, reliable food and beverage vending machines that seamlessly fit into your business and personal lifestyle.

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Connect Vending was founded in 1996, after we noticed that we could improve staff productivity if staff didn’t have to go an make their own tea and coffee all day. Making a cup of tea takes between 3-7 minutes (all depending on the brewing time), and a coffee takes an average of 5 minutes. We found that when colleagues were making 2-3 cups of tea or coffee a day, their productivity wasn’t as good as it could be. However, you can’t deny a room full of people delicious hot drinks, so the solution was simple. We created superior hot drinks vending machines that supply a plethora of hot drinks quickly, with quality on the forefront.

When we started Connect Vending, we wanted to provide a service that would ensure the quality of management and maintenance of every single vending machine (albeit snack, hot drink or fresh food). By employing our own in house engineering team route operatives, we are able to guarantee a level of service unparalleled to any other vending machine operator in the market. When you choose to go with Connect Vending, you will get exactly what you should expect.

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When you purchase a hot drinks vending machine or fresh food vending machine from Connect Vending, you become part of the Connect family. We are proud to provide regular machine maintenance and support for any issue. When you choose to go with Connect Vending, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Get in touch today to talk about the perfect vending machine solutions for your business.

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