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MicroMarkets what will the future of work look like
How MicroMarkets are part of a larger global trend. Our last blog discussed the benefits of MicroMarkets. It touched on a list of benefits that are typically derived from innovation from use of self-service remote technologies, which according to transparancey market research is driven by a need provide satisfactory and convenient services with reduced costs in retail industries. We discussed the catering industry and its saturated, competitive nature and how innovation has been driven by…
MicroMarkets are set to challenge traditional commercial catering solutions. Staff canteens currently operate in saturated markets with tight margins and already struggle to provide a solution that meets all the needs of the client, from efficient space management and opening times to freedom of choice and providing a environment that is perceived positively by staff. So what are the benefits of a MicroMarket? Firstly what is a MicroMarket? Put simply a MicroMarket is an unattended self-service cafe…
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Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on this planet. Read on and you will discover some of the weird and wacky coffee facts about this timeless drink. Also known as Black Ivory coffee. It supposedly gives the beans an incredible flavor, but the limited…
The future payment systems
We are becoming a cashless society. but what is the future of payment systems? What relevance does this have to the UK vending industry?  There are now more contactless cards than people in circulation. If that wasn’t evidence enough further legislation in the retail sector has become a driving force behind usage of contactless payments. This of course presents challenges to the UK automatic vending and coffee industry whom occupants often employ a fleet of…
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Productivity and the work place are synonymous with each other. There is an entire plethora of research regarding how to foster a culture of positivity, happiness and well being, all in the pursuit of productivity. Here are some of the less considered office hacks to a happier more productive working day. #1 Hydration – It is widely known that staff with easy access to water work far more productively than those who do not. Many companies cite the…
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It is no secret that the UK has long struggled with the vast issue of paper cup disposal. An estimated 2.5 billion cups are disposed of each year in the UK alone. Racking up huge commercial waste disposal bills and causing a silent environmental catastrophe for landfills across the UK. But what exactly is the issue with paper cups? It is widely known that many high-quality paper cups today generally contain an inner layer of polyethylene….
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